We all have instincts deep in our souls. This weeks discover challenge brings me to the connection we as people have  with animals . Instinct links us deeply and personally person to person, animal to animal, or animal to person. Sometimes we cannot communicate through voice but trough instincts we can understand each other.

My experience with a deep instinctive relationship with one of my animals was my old ferret Oscar. He suffered severe heat stroke one summer after rushing to emergency specialist vets he was in for 3 days we got a phone call from he vet to come in for a chat, The call i was dreading i was on edge the whole car journey.
The vet explained he could survive but hes brain damaged and that you wouldn’t be able to tell the extent of it until he starts recovering.

Now iv been a animal lover all my life i have done my level 2 in animal care in college and have always worked within animal based environments. But for the first time in  my years working and keeping animals i had to make the decision for once.
How did i know what the right thing to do was?
I went in to see Oscar he had tubes all over him  he looked helpless laying in the bare metal cage just a small pink blanket propping him up. That is when my instincts to care for him came in to play. My body rushed with emotions and something inside me did not let me give up on him.

I took him home he couldn’t eat for himself he couldn’t drink he couldn’t use his legs to hold himself up properly. But when he opened his eyes and he looked at me when i took him out his box at home for the first time i could feel him relax his instincts were telling him he was safe and my instincts could feel this to. I nursed him for over a month i slept on the sofa with one hand in his cage keeping his head upright and one finger on his chest to check on his breathing. I had to give him water through a syringe and had to teach him how to use his jaw again to eat. it took weeks to get him to learn to use his feet again he had no control over his back  legs for months. Then one day he popped his back up and started to run kind of sideways but using his back legs none the less!

I remember the extreme happiness i felt in myself for not giving up. My instincts to care and nurture him have given him a second chance. His instincts let him know he was safe and that i was helping him recover. The way that such a small helpless animal let me teach him to walk eat and drink normally again with no way to communicate but through trust and natural instincts was incredible he survived and didn’t give up and neither did i. He taught me a lesson in life through these months, I didn’t care how much trouble it was because the rewards i felt in myself was enough to make it all worth it!

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