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You ever experience them days when your mind goes dark on you and no matter what you do you cant take your focus off it. No matter what you do it diverts you back down there its frustrating and stressful.

Today my anxiety is eating me alive looming in the distance i have a event to attend and im shitting it to say the least. Im amazing at hiding this, well i say im amazing i drop hint bombs out there like hey im so uncomfortable right now…  but what am i looking for when i do you cant come in my mind put your torch on and look for my sanity can you?

im crazy social with people i know  btw but when it comes to newbies and especially newbies that are good friends with oldies i freak.  WHYYYY??
I eat myself up in here trying to tell myself be brave young one you have the power, but underneath in my belly i feel that feeling i cant quiet describe as if its like bubbling say dont forget me im going to make you work for this girly.

That niggling voice in the back of my head making me be the girl that awkwardly smiling in the corner makes me angry at myself. Mainly because i know the girl i can be when im comfortable or when iv got that fire lit and and the moment i just cant seem to find it well i can but not as much as i know im capable of.

When things happen in your life like little things that make you second guess your worth or who you thought you where. makes you want to vanish into thin air it makes all the little corners of my brain shake n i get all worked up in so  many ways. Im trying so hard to not let this phase my progress im calling my last post a slight relapse but im still kinda lost over here.

Always trust your gut instincts they say… what does that mean when your mind plays tricks on you is it instincts or is it all your overthinking?  its hard to want to protect yourself but at the same time tell the difference between you and reality…

Well its been a while

so i haven’t posted on  here in a while because i was so busy with feeling normal i forgot how it felt to need a release. But guess what im still mental and i clearly still have severe problems up there. i just cant get life right! my mind is a maze and im in stuck in here like a prisoner.

So update on me is im feeling vulnerable as ever right now. i very nearly walked to that bridge n just carried on going but i cant can i because i don’t want to hurt anyone i don’t want them to feel as bad as i do right now.

So i hurt myself to take away the pain and its such a thrill to feel okay for a few seconds i wish it would last but it doesn’t and then it all starts all over again reality… not that you truly left it in the first place just feels normal for a minute and i dont know why i wish it didn’t but i just cant stop it when i hurt inside its like something takes over me and i hurt myself i wish i was different

i wish my outlook on life was different i wish i could be normal have normal feelings and do normal things when i get hurt but instead im this fucked up version of me that i cant control and it scares me……

Characteristics Or Me?

Today i am struggling. Yes i said it im not coping today. I am having a hard time connecting the dots im reading peoples emotions wrong im second guessing my worth and im getting stressed out. I don’t want to feel like this anymore! I feel Mad today i don’t know if im right or wrong. Are people just being nice to me because of my situation?

Not knowing if its you or your mind playing tricks on you is hard. Im finding it difficult to read people and to believe them. My mind tells me 100 things at once and i cant tell whats right. I let my thoughts run away with me. I try to confront people with questions of are you okay with me? Yet still don’t believe them when they answer.

Is it me or is it my characteristics of my BPD?  Im struggling to tell the difference between whats me and whats not! Days like this send me into deep depressive states, I just want to lay in bed and cry myself to sleep and not wake up till i feel normal again. People cant see whats eating me up on the inside and i don’t know how to explain it. I know im suppose to feel like this doesn’t stop me from finding it hard to deal with.

How do i communicate with normal people how do i hide my emotions from them. I don’t want to hurt them with the truth. I don’t want people to see me differently if i tell them how im feeling. Managing this on my own is hard im still waiting for my therapy its been nearly two months now since being diagnosed and i still feel like im stuck in limbo. Guess i just gotta put my smile on and carry on and wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Life In Border-Land

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Bonkers? Mad? Beautiful minded or a lost soul. Sometimes it feels like wonderland. it can be a wonderfully mad place my border-land . I have come to terms with the way my mind works since my diagnosis. I think in a way it has helped me notice my triggers more. Iv started to learn to laugh at myself when i  get bad i manage to curb myself through the episodes at the moment. Maybe this is down to a touch of serendipity and fortunate turn of events, And one person throwing beautiful mind bending experiences into my world. That may have led me on the right path to normality  this time.

Looking at my mental health problems in a positive light and my symptoms as quirky traits has made it easier to deal with them people have put me down for years and used my triggers against me. Made me feel like im mad, problematic a drama queen. Always being made to feel like i am just a burden and that im the creator of the problems and feelings i experience. Having someone who sees me for me. Watches me everyday and never once has judged me for the little things that make my border-land mine, makes me feel invincible especially when im low he picks me up and dusts off the bad feelings and brings the light back into my world.

Being with someone so understanding of me so connected changed my life around. I never thought i could be so happy. Im not saying im a ray of sunshine all the time but i can see his light shinning through my storms and that is just what i needed. Hes just there for me he doesn’t try to cure me. and its as simple as that.


This is my response to today’s Daily Prompt.


We all have instincts deep in our souls. This weeks discover challenge brings me to the connection we as people have  with animals . Instinct links us deeply and personally person to person, animal to animal, or animal to person. Sometimes we cannot communicate through voice but trough instincts we can understand each other.

My experience with a deep instinctive relationship with one of my animals was my old ferret Oscar. He suffered severe heat stroke one summer after rushing to emergency specialist vets he was in for 3 days we got a phone call from he vet to come in for a chat, The call i was dreading i was on edge the whole car journey.
The vet explained he could survive but hes brain damaged and that you wouldn’t be able to tell the extent of it until he starts recovering.

Now iv been a animal lover all my life i have done my level 2 in animal care in college and have always worked within animal based environments. But for the first time in  my years working and keeping animals i had to make the decision for once.
How did i know what the right thing to do was?
I went in to see Oscar he had tubes all over him  he looked helpless laying in the bare metal cage just a small pink blanket propping him up. That is when my instincts to care for him came in to play. My body rushed with emotions and something inside me did not let me give up on him.

I took him home he couldn’t eat for himself he couldn’t drink he couldn’t use his legs to hold himself up properly. But when he opened his eyes and he looked at me when i took him out his box at home for the first time i could feel him relax his instincts were telling him he was safe and my instincts could feel this to. I nursed him for over a month i slept on the sofa with one hand in his cage keeping his head upright and one finger on his chest to check on his breathing. I had to give him water through a syringe and had to teach him how to use his jaw again to eat. it took weeks to get him to learn to use his feet again he had no control over his back  legs for months. Then one day he popped his back up and started to run kind of sideways but using his back legs none the less!

I remember the extreme happiness i felt in myself for not giving up. My instincts to care and nurture him have given him a second chance. His instincts let him know he was safe and that i was helping him recover. The way that such a small helpless animal let me teach him to walk eat and drink normally again with no way to communicate but through trust and natural instincts was incredible he survived and didn’t give up and neither did i. He taught me a lesson in life through these months, I didn’t care how much trouble it was because the rewards i felt in myself was enough to make it all worth it!

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